Hello and welcome to Malarkey Pie! Home to thought provoking t-shirt and gifts with a retro hand drawn aesthetic. Tart and bold sarcasm is on full display. There is no pun too juicy to share with your friends and family. I started designing these t-shirts and gifts to help pay off my student loans faster. So not only are you getting a great product, but you are helping a girl out of debt. I’ve paid off two student loans already and am on the road to being student loan debt free! Every t-shirt I sell gets me that much closer to being free of debt slavery.

Come to the Malarkey side. We have PIE!

Here you will find fun and fresh nerd culture t-shirts perfect for those on your gift list. Heck, you might even find something for yourself. I won’t judge. I make the designs sparkle and Amazon handles the fulfillment and processing of the orders. The link on this site will take you to  Amazon.com where you can purchase the shirts. I also partner with Zazzle.com and Cafepress.com to produce even more products.

Whatever floats your goat.